Meet Susie Moffett

Five Questions for Susie Moffett

Susie joined the PA Master Naturalist staff in November 2021 and is the Program Coordinator for the Southwest region.

Susie Moffett

Q: How long have you been working in environmental education and programming?

A: I’ve been working in environmental education for 14 years.  I began volunteering as a Nature Guide with Fern Hollow Nature Center then was later hired to oversee the program and have been teaching kids about nature ever since.

Q: What attracted you to this field?

A: I love learning new things and the natural world keeps surprising me every day.  I also enjoy giving back to my local community by promoting our local parks and encouraging people to spend more time outside.

Q: What excites you about working with PA Master Naturalist volunteers?

A: I’m excited to spend time with other nature enthusiasts and learn along with them. While I love teaching kids, I’m eager to work more directly with adults who share a commitment to improving our community. 

Q: Where is your favorite place to spend time outdoors?

A: We have a family cabin in central West Virginia not far from where I grew up. I enjoy hiking in the forest, birdwatching, and exploring the creek there.

Q: Any interesting facts you want to share with us?

A: I have a PhD in Human Genetics and worked for many years at the University of Pittsburgh before shifting gears and moving into the environmental education field.  In addition to spending time outside, I really enjoy gardening, board games, and turkey vultures.

Susie lives in Sewickley, PA with her husband Jack and two cats, Taran and Chopper.  She has two daughters, Felicity and Genevieve, who are currently in college.

Have a question for Susie? She can be reached at