About PMN

phil-mary-and-georgePennsylvania Master Naturalist is a statewide partnership initiative that aims to connect people with their local ecosystems through intensive natural science training and local conservation service work. It is a venture directed toward developing a local corps of “master volunteers and service providers” to offer education, outreach and service dedicated to the understanding and management of natural areas within their communities.

Pennsylvania Master Naturalist works closely with a coalition of community and conservation organizations to ensure that they have the necessary volunteer leadership to address the most pressing conservation needs and challenges.

This year-round program has three components:  the initial volunteer training course, volunteer service and continuing education.

Who are Master Naturalist Volunteers?

A Pennsylvania Master Naturalist is an individual with a passion for the natural world who participates in an intensive training program and uses his or her knowledge by giving back to the community through volunteer service.

A Statewide Initiative

Pennsylvania is an ecologically diverse state that can be divided into distinct ecological regions or ecoregions.  Pennsylvania Master Naturalist has divided the state into four (4) ecoregion-based curriculum modules (defined by EPA level II ecoregions): Appalachian Forests, Eastern Temperate Forests, Atlantic Highlands and Southeastern and Coastal Plains.

 EPA level II - publication use


Since 2010, PA Master Naturalist volunteers in the Southeastern & Coastal Plains ecoregion have:

– engaged in more than 6,300 hours of conservation service

– contributed over $140,000 in conservation value and impact to regional partners

– reached over 9,300 people through outreach service

– improved 330 acres of habitat through stewardship service

– dedicated themselves to 2,300 hours of continuing education in the natural sciences

Funding provided by:

Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

PA Department of Environmental Protection

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

National Science Foundation

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation