EXPLORE: Bucks County, PA

Enjoy EXPLORE-ing these wonderful places!


BUCKS County:

  • Neshaminy State Park : Bensalem, PA
    “…borders the Delaware River, measuring 339 acres in size…Within the Park, visitors can view the Delaware Estuary, observing the rise and fall of the river over the course of the day. As an estuary, the Park contains an interesting mix of freshwater and saltwater flora and fauna species. Within the Park lies the 71-acre tidal marsh natural area…”  (From: PA Master Naturalist Volunteer Handbook, p. 137).
    UNIT/SUBJECT: Water in the Landscape (Unit 5) ; WATER ECOLOGY.
  • Nockamixon Cliffs Natural Area : Nockamixon Township, PA
    “…forms sheer north-facing cliffs that tower over 300 feet above the [Delaware] River. The shale cliffs are situated at a curve in the river, between Kintersville and Narrowsville…Due to their north-facing aspect, Nockamixon Cliffs receive little direct sunlight. This cool habitat supports an alpine-arctic plant community that is unusual to find this far south…Directly across the Delaware River, an opposite set of circumstances occurs, creating habitat for unusually arid plants.” (From: PA Master Naturalist Volunteer Handbook, p. 44).
    UNIT/SUBJECT: Rocks, Ice, and Dirt (Unit 2) ; GEOLOGY ; BOTANY.
  • Ringing Rocks State Park : Upper Black Eddy, PA
    “The 128 acre park is mostly wooded, but contains a 7-8 acre boulder field that in appearance looks like a dried up river bed. The boulders are made of diabase, with a very high concentration of iron and aluminium…they offer a unique quality when struck with a hammer or another rock. Many of the rocks…sound hollow when struck, making a ringing sound. Finally the park offers the largest waterfall in Bucks County”  (From: PA Master Naturalist Volunteer Handbook, p. 44).
    UNIT/SUBJECT: Rocks, Ice, and Dirt (Unit 2) ; GEOLOGY.
  • River Islands, Delaware Canal State Park : Upper Black Eddy, PA
    “The River Islands are one of the two designated natural areas within Delaware Canal State Parks. The Islands lie within the Delaware River and are used as a safe stopover for birds migrating down this corridor…The Islands are composed of 4 islands and 2 island groups…these natural areas provide important habitat for birds and other wildlife and are extremely sensitive…”  (From: PA Master Naturalist Volunteer Handbook, p. 102).
    UNIT/SUBJECT: Creatures of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Unit 4) ; ORNITHOLOGY ; ZOOLOGY ; WATER ECOLOGY.
  • Silver Lake Nature Center : Bristol, PA
    “…has 235 acres of natural lands with 4.5 miles of trails. Community types on the site include Coastal Plain woodlands, a lake, marshes, field, wet meadow, and in unglaciated bog…Protected within the park are several Pennsylvania species of special concern, including the Red-bullied Turtle, the Coastal Plain Leopard Frog, Maryland Meadow Beauties, Atlantic Blue-eyed Grass, Umbrella Magnolia, Sweetbay Magnolia and American Holly.”  (From: PA Master Naturalist Volunteer Handbook, p. 174).
    UNIT/SUBJECT: Forests, Fields, and Meadows: Upland Communities (Unit 6) ; BOTANY ; HERPETOLOGY ; ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMS.


Updated: May 2018