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This EXPLORE section, organized by UNIT/SUBJECT, highlights places in Pennsylvania (and neighboring states) where you can visit great and interesting environmental examples in the state. These places are highlighted for various reasons, whether it is for geology, botany, ornithology, or other unusual reasons. They are great places to explore and learn.  Please check them out online first, and then head out to discover them in real life! 

Unit 1: Introduction – Natural history and ecology of southeastern Pennsylvania.

Unit 2: Rocks, Ice and Dirt – Geology.

Unit 3: We’re All Connected: Ecology and the Circle of Life – Ecology.

Unit 4: Creatures of Southeastern Pennsylvania – Mammals, birds, amphibians, etc.

Unit 5: Water in the Landscape – Streams, rivers, lakes, seeps, and marshes, etc.

Unit 6: Forests, Fields, and Meadows: Upland Communities – Local geography, ecological processes, land use and management.

Unit 7: City Living: Urban Ecology – Urban communities area a part of and contribute to ecosystems.

Unit 8: Communicating Your Message – Interpretation and Interpretive ideas and opportunities for promoting conservation and protecting Pennsylvania’s natural resources and nature.

Unit Sections:
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Updated: June 2018