CONSERVE!: Unit 7.

City Living:

Urban Ecology

Below are possible service opportunities for Pennsylvania Master Naturalist Volunteers  related to urban ecology in southeastern Pennsylvania.
Please visit their Web sites to learn more about the groups and their volunteer opportunities.

Temple-Villanova Sustainable Stormwater Initiative (T-VSSI): Philadelphia, PA


The Temple-Villanova Sustainable Stormwater Initiative (T-VSSI) was from a partnership of Temple University’s Center for Sustainable Communities and the Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership. The organization’s mission is “to advance the practice of stormwater management through cross-disciplinary research, demonstration, and outreach.”  The Initiative seeks to protect the Pennypack Creek and Schuylkill River watershed from harmful stormwater runoff. The Technical Program is led by an interdisciplinary group of researchers who seek solutions for improving the health of the watersheds. These researchers also lead the Outreach Program, which is designed to share important information with the public.


The Temple-Villanova Sustainable Stormwater Initiative was formed from a partnership of Temple University’s Center for Sustainable Communities and the Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership. You can contact T-VSSI via their online form at:

For more information:
Visit: to learn more about T-VSSI and how you can get involved.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Philadelphia Green Program: Philadelphia, PA


The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society designed the Philadelphia Greening program as a method to use “horticultural to build community and improve the quality of life in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.” The programs have helped catalyze environmental, social, economic, and aesthetic change within the City. In order to build a sustainable future in Philadelphia, the participants in PHS’s programs help develop green spaces, plant trees, revitalize parks and public spaces, reclaim abandoned properties, and build community capacity, among much more!


The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, 100 N. 20th Street – 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103; (215)-988-8800. Email: .

For more information:
Visit: to learn more about the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s various Greening programs. to learn about the various volunteering opportunities.

Audubon at Home, Pennsylvania – Wherever you call home!: PA – Statewide


The Audubon At Home program is designed by the Audubon National Office to help the public discover ways that they can make environmentally-conscious and sustainable choices in their own homes and backyards. The program is comprised of several different projects. The Healthy Yards project promotes the idea of creating a backyard habitat for both people and wildlife. Helping Birds teaches homeowners how to provide habitat essentials for birds, from food and water to shelter. The Neighborhood Conservation project is designed to encourage people to join together to create a network of connected habitats within their neighborhood. The Together Green Action Center provides helpful tips and suggestions that make it easy for individuals to live more sustainably.


Audubon At Home, Audubon National Office, 225 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014; (212)-979-3000.

For More information
Visit: to learn more about the Audubon at Home program. for information and volunteering with an Audubon Pennsylvania chapter.

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