Annual Meeting

November 11-13, 2022

Hybrid Annual Meeting!

The Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for Pennsylvania Master Naturalist volunteers and trainees to gather, participate in educational seminars, and receive a large portion of their Advanced Training requirements for the year in three days. It’s also an opportunity for program participants, supporters, and partnering and member organizations to gather and meet, share new ideas and projects, and to learn from all participants of the program.  Organizations also have the opportunity to highlight how they are supporting conservation and promote service opportunities to volunteers. This year’s theme will be “Conservation Through Collaboration. Please note that this event is not open to the public.

This year’s meeting will be hybrid, with virtual options on Friday, November 11, Saturday, November 12th and Sunday, November 13th, and options for field sessions on Friday and Saturday.

EXHIBITION:  Submit a video highlighting your programs or projects and showcasing your accomplishments and/or service opportunities. Your video will be shared and accessible during the Annual Meeting. In addition, we invite you to share an informational video of a special natural area or unique natural history of your region or local area. Please consider the following: 5-7 minutes per video (short is OK). Q&A will take place live online during the conference exhibition (3-5 minutes). At least 1 representative from the program should plan to be in a “attendance” during the exhibition session in which the video will be shown (if you can’t attend the conference, your program is still invited to submit a video). For more information about video submissions, please contact PMN at

SPONSORS: Pennsylvania Master Naturalist is seeking sponsors for this year’s meeting. Our attendees include citizen volunteers and partners from a variety of regions throughout Pennsylvania. Support will allow us to offer scholarships for our volunteers to participate and build meaningful connections by underwriting the cost of planning, technology, speaker honorariums, volunteer recognition, and more! Your support is greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged. For more information about our sponsorship levels and request form, please view the PMN Annual Meeting Sponsorship file. Questions? Contact PMN at