Master Naturalist Toolbox

Let’s Open the PA Master Naturalist’s Toolbox.

This is a page where trainees, volunteers, and members can find places to EXPLORE in our beautiful state of Pennsylvania, ideas to TEACH others about the environment, ways to CONSERVE by volunteering, and EXPANDing your knowledge through various resources, including: books, websites, and educational organizations and so much more.

The Toolbox is based on the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist Training Manual, but this digital toolkit will continue to grow and evolve as more counties are added to the PA Master Naturalist program and as more places, ideas, resources are discovered and added.

You will be able to look up information on places to visit based on County, by one of the four topics (EXPLORE, TEACH, CONSERVE, and EXPAND), or by Subject (i.e.: Geology, Botany, Ornithology, Herpetology, Mammalogy, Climate, etc.). There will also be a list of reading and websites that are recommended to further your knowledge.

We hope you find the Master Naturalist Toolbox helpful and we plan to expand it in the future, so that it becomes even more helpful and interactive with PA Master Naturalists all over Pennsylvania.


Updated: May 2018