Benefits and Services of PA Master Naturalist

Certified Pennsylvania Master Naturalists:

  • possess a strong foundation of natural history knowledge gained through a 50-hour intensive training course, covering the following topics:
    • geology, ecology, regional wildlife, aquatic and upland communities, urban ecology, and development and implementation of interpretative programs.
  • are committed to a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer service in the first year of participation and 20 hours of service in each subsequent year.
  • are dedicated to advancing their content knowledge in natural history by pursuing advanced training.
    • Volunteers must obtain 8 hours of continuing education during the initial year of participation, and 12 hours in each subsequent year.
  • are already being managed and cultivated by the PA Master Naturalist program, allowing your organization to focus on your conservation work.
    • The Program is responsible for volunteer recruitment and enrollment is extremely selective.  Program staff work to identify individuals with a demonstrated commitment to volunteer service to become certified Master Naturalists.
    • PA Master Naturalist handles volunteer retention efforts through events, recognition and awards, and community-building activities among Master Naturalist volunteers and our regional partners.
  • possess a certification that demonstrates a commitment to volunteer service.  Utilizing volunteers to achieve conservation goals requires a significant investment of an organization’s staff-time and resources.  Master Naturalists offer organizations a more secure return on that investment. 

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