EXPLORE: York County, PA

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YORK County:

  • Lower Susquehanna River Valley —  Susquehannock State Park
    “In Pennsylvania, the river is bordered by steep, wooded hillsides with rich glens and surrounding landscape of farmland. Geese, ducks, and swans can be seen on the river…especially during migration in February and March.Late October and November are good times to observe waterfowl as well. The Lower Susquehanna is also a great place to observe a variety of birds…It is also the best place to regularly find Bald Eagles…Herons, egrets, and gulls are very common in the area.” (From: PA Master Naturalist Volunteer Handbook, p. 100).
    UNIT/SUBJECT: Creatures of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Unit 4) ; ORNITHOLOGY.


Updated: May 2018