Become a Master Naturalist

What is a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist?

A Pennsylvania Master Naturalist is an individual with a passion for the natural world who participates in an intensive training program and uses his or her knowledge by giving back to the community through volunteer service.  This year-round program has three components: an initial volunteer training course, volunteer service hours, and advanced training classes.

  • Natural Science Training: All Master Naturalists will receive in depth training in natural history, natural sciences, biodiversity, and nature interpretation.
  • Service Hours: Service hours give Master Naturalists an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned during the training.
  • Advanced Courses (elective hours): Continuing education is an important part of a naturalist’s life, therefore, we require a certain number of credit hours each year on specialized topics.

Duration: Pennsylvania Master Naturalist training is a lifelong journey measured with annual training and volunteer service requirements

Who Should Apply:  Adults interested in deepening their knowledge of and connection to the natural world and the local conservation community through natural science education and volunteer service.

Training Courses: View current Training Course offerings.