EXPAND!: By Unit.

The EXPAND! section of each unit includes items you can use, do, pursue, read, or join to develop as a naturalist. Specifically, we have paired our suggestions down to one entry for your journal, two books to track down at the library, two web sites to find on the internet, and two groups to join. This means that by the end of the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist course, you might have completed the first few chapters of your own Sand County Almanac, overloaded your bookshelf with at least a dozen books you may want to read, captured too many bookmarks in your web browser to do justice, and learned about more than a dozen worthwhile environmental organizations.

Unit 1: Introduction – Natural history and ecology of southeastern Pennsylvania.

Unit 2: Rocks, Ice and Dirt – Geology.

Unit 3: We’re All Connected: Ecology and the Circle of LifeEcology.

Unit 4: Creatures of Southeastern Pennsylvania – Mammals, birds, amphibians, etc.

Unit 5: Water in the Landscape – Streams, rivers, lakes, seeps, and marshes, etc.

Unit 6: Forests, Fields, and Meadows: Upland Communities – Local geography, ecological processes, land use and management.

Unit 7: City Living: Urban Ecology – Urban communities area a part of and contribute to ecosystems.

Unit 8: Communicating Your Message – Interpretation and Interpretive ideas and opportunities for promoting conservation and protecting Pennsylvania’s natural resources and nature.

Unit Sections:
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Updated: June 2018