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Maeve Rafferty, Southwest Program Coordinator
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13 Comments on “Contact Us

  1. Hello. I am interested in this program. There are not any training locations listed that are near where I live. Are there additional training locations for fall 2017? Thank you.

  2. Recently retired and would absolutely LOVE to do this! However, I reside in Western PA and it appears all of the courses etc are located in Eastern PA. Is there a chapter, or plans to begin one, in Western PA?

    • Debbie, I just realized that a staff did not reply. We are now offering courses in Western PA. Allegheny, Washington and Westmoreland are the counties of training courses currently. We will be adding Armstrong in 2020 hopefully. Please go to our website and click on becoming a PA Master Naturalist for links to course details and application. You have to apply online through our website. There is a page and link with instructions. NOTE: 2020 information will not be posted until late October (2019) and the application link will not be live until this time either. I would check back or join our mailing list for announcements of when courses are posted. Hope this helps. Best, Michele

  3. I am interested in doing this class. Can’t quite figure how to apply via Facebook or Perky watershed site.

    • Nicole, did you receive information on how to apply for our program and courses? Sorry – I just realized that I staff may not have responded. We did not hold our 2019 course at WPC so no worries. We are hoping to offer in 2020. You need to apply online through our website- go to becoming a master naturalist and click on the application link. But you’ll want to look to make sure the WPC course is being offered so click on traiing courses. Training information and online application for 2020 courses will not be added until late October. Please check back or join our mailing list for announcements of training courses. Thanks, Michele

  4. Hello,
    I am interested in becoming a Master Naturalist and believe I may be well qualified. I have a very high interest in the mission of he Pennsylvania Naturalist Program

    Occupation: Recently retired agronomist.
    Education: MS in Agronomy from PSU with significant training in plant and animal science, soils, conservation and some marine science.

    Memberships: The American Chestnut Foundation. The Izaak Walton League.

    I am in York, PA and note that there are no training opportunities in York County. It looks like the best opportunity for training will be with the Lancaster County Conservancy this Fall which is about 45 minutes drive.

    Are you looking for Naturalists and opportunities in York County?

    Thank you,

    Jim Haldeman
    269 Pine View Lane
    York, PA 17403

    Cell: 717-891-4227

  5. Very interested. Have zoology/bio degree psu. Semi retired now. Live near Ryerson Station. Please contact me

    • Fred, Sorry for the delay. I just realized that staff did not reply. Our program recently initiated training in Washington County this past year. This would be the closest training course to your location. We are planning a course in this area for 2020. It is probably good to wait until the second year since it gives us time to work through any first year issues and make improvements for future years. We are still in the planning phase for the 2020 schedule and deciding on the time frame to hold a course. We will be posting training courses in late October. I encourage you to join our mailing list for announcements or check back in October. Thanks for your interest! Michele

  6. I am interested in the 2020 program at Tyler Arboretum in Delaware County. Will it be offered? How do I apply?

    • George, our staff is working with Tyler Arboretum to offer a training course in 2020. Details will not be posted until October at the earliest. Once we determine a schedule, it will be posted on our website with registration information. Application is online and a link will be provided on our website when open. We are hoping by October. Check back or sign up for our mailing list to receive an email notification of when training courses and registration is announced. Thanks for your interest! Michele

  7. I’m interested in becoming a Master Naturalist. I am already a Master Gardener. I live in Pike County. How can i connect?

    • Linda,

      Thank you for your interest! You sound like a great candidate for our program. I apologize for the delay. It’s been an overwhelming year given COVID-19 and its impact on our program and communities. Regrettably, we are not yet in Pike County. In fact, we are working on developing a training module for your ecoregion. We anticipate that it will be finished next year. It will take some time. The next steps after the training curriculum will be raising funds to sustain a program in your county and finding a training partner to be able to implement a 50-hour training course in your county. As a nonprofit, fundraising is key. I’m hopeful that our end of year campaign will bring us the support that we need to continue to expand our program to new counties. Although hopeful, it is a challeninging year for fundraising for many nonprofits. And I recognize that so many people are struggling during this time. If you have not already, I encourage you to sign up for our mailing list to keep updated on program advancements. Thank you again for contacting us and your interest. Sincerely, Michele Richards

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